Wild Kitchen - Our Roving Underground Supper Club

Wild Kitchen is a roving underground supper club. From a roof-deck in the Mission one week to a houseboat in Sausalito the next, Wild Kitchen knows no geographic bounds. One hundred diners sit around the communal table enjoying eight-course meals, each course highlighting a sustainably foraged ingredient from the local landscape. These meals connect diners with their natural surroundings in a new way, fostering community around nature’s bounty.

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Want to know what The Wild Kitchen is like? Check out the video below:

Seaside charcuterie plate. Local porcini bisque with creme fraiche. These are just two items on the menu at Wild Kitchen, an underground supperclub in San Francisco that Chef Iso Rabins has been running for nearly six years.


*Please note that we do not offer refunds or reschedules for our dinners, but you're welcome to sell or gift your tickets to a friend—just imagine how excited they'll be!

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