The hunt for the ever illusive morel....

Today was a great day. I got the chance to join our class up in the Sierras on the hunt for the ever illusive morel! I try to get out with the classes as much as I can, but usually have to leave them in the very capable hands of our resident mushroom expert Patrick. The Sierras are amazing, and basically deserted, so we had the place to ourselves. We found a good haul of different species of edible mushrooms. From coral mushrooms, which was my big find; to coccora, which is an edible amanita (the same family as the most deadly of all, the Death Cap); to the delicious morel. One hunter found a huge haul, and everyone went home with some great finds.
Getting out into nature is a great reset. I've been mostly ocean bound these days, spearfishing, abalone diving and surfing, so it was nice to get up in the crisp mountain air for a change. If you want to get out there yourself check do it now, because mushroom season is almost over for the year! Classes here.