Stream of consciousness on investors

I'm thinking about taking on investors in forageSF. A decision that I'm approaching with not a small amount of skepticism. It's an interesting thing, starting a new kind of business. One for which there is no set model.  I can't look at the experience of past success/failure of others for guidance.  Will I have 100 customers in the first year?  Will I have 50?  I can look at other CSAs, which often boast numbers far exceeding this in their first years, but the reality is that forageSF is only similar to a farm CSA in model, nothing else.  Not only do I have to introduce people to the idea of getting a box of vegetables every week, but also to the idea that they may have never seen these veggies before. Personally I think it sounds like an exciting prospect, getting to eat things that have previously appeared as no more than a weed in a green landscape.  I also realize not everyone thinks like this. There has been a lot of interest, people are really interested in getting to know the foods that grow wild in their landscape, and I do have customers, so I'm positive.  I'm also interested in expanding into preserved products, such as Sea Bean pickles (although I will refer to them by the more classy British  "Samphire").

Businesses need money, and that comes from investors, so I need them.

On other news....I'm getting a ton of response from landowners around the Bay Area that want to let forageSF use their land for foraging, as well as tons of foragers that want to forage!