Limoncello Redux

part two in the limoncello adventure is upon us. After a painful 4 week wait, I took the limoncello out, strained out the lemon peel, adding the simple syrup(sugar dissolved in water) ...and voila! Its good. so easy. so good.  I did a 2/1 simple syrup, ' 2 parts water, one part sugar, then added that 1/1 to the limoncello. I actually found it a bit sweet, so experiment as you go along, to get it to your own personal taste.  After you add the syrup, put the jar back in the closet (I know, this part was hard for me too) for another week, then you're good. you'll be the envy of all your friends. I'm going to be at the makers faire ( that's right, fair with an E! all that much cooler) at the end of may, in the "homegrown village" giving a demonstration of this a couple other homemade items. come check it out!done