Wild Mushroom Adventures

These 3-4 hour classes meet in the Santa Cruz Mountains (about 2 hours from SF) and cover the basics of wild mushroom foraging. After a brief talk on the ecology of edible mushrooms and safe and ethical mushroom hunting, we'll set you free to forage. At the end, you’ll meet back up with Maya to help identify your finds. It's important to note that although you will learn a ton about wild mushroom hunting in this class, we're at the whim of nature, so there are no guarantees you'll find tons of mushrooms.

Foragers in our classes have found chanterelles, boletes, black trumpet, morels, hedgehogs, and lots of other great species of delicious mushrooms.

Location:  In the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains! Exact location sent with ticket confirmation.

Dates:  October - December * Click the links above for current dates. These classes run throughout the rainy season, and are generally scheduled two weekends per month.

Cost:  $90 per person + booking fee

Duration: 3-4 hours (noon-4pm)

About our teacher:

Maya is a teacher, naturalist, mycologist, organizer, and lover of the wild. Ever since falling in love with fungi, she's been studying mushroom foraging for the last 14 years, having completed an intensive course in mushroom identification at the Evergreen State College. She is active in various mycological societies, and as one of the founding members of Radical Mycology, she’s worked on various fungal cultivation and educational projects, including founding Bay Area Applied Mycology. She is also the Executive Director of CoRenewal/Amazon Mycorenewal Project, where she works towards cleaning oil pollution with fungi and bacteria. Maya loves leading mushroom hunts and helping others find their place within our ecological and human communities.

Read what one of our past forager has to say:

“Just wanted to say thanks again Maya for being an awesome guide and giving a great intro talk on California mushrooms and medicinal plants, I went into the tour knowing nothing about mushrooms (except that they're delicious) and you gave a great start for me to explore mushroom-related knowledge on my own, I learned so much more than what I expected from the tour! Have a great week, June”

By booking, you are accepting the terms in the release form linked below:

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*Kindly note that we do not offer cancellations within 14 days of the class, but you're welcome to sell or gift your tickets to a friend (and just imagine how excited they'll be!).