Wild Mushroom Adventures

Join resident expert and chef Patrick Hamilton on a wild mushroom hunt. This guy knows his stuff! With over 40 years of mushroom hunting experience, he'll help you find mushrooms, make sure you're picking the right ones, and teach you the best methods for cooking them. These classes are great for both the beginner and veteran forager. 

These 3-4 hour classes meet either in Marin or on the Sonoma Coast and cover the basics of wild mushroom foraging. After some instruction, we'll set you free to forage, meeting back up with Patrick to help identify your finds. It's important to note that although you will learn a ton about wild mushroom hunting in this class, we're at the whim of nature, so there are no guarantees you'll find pounds of mushrooms. 

People in our classes have found chanterelles, boletes, black trumpet,  morels, hedgehogs, and lots of other great species of delicious mushrooms.

Dates:  October - December * Click the links above for current dates. These classes run throughout the rainy season, and are generally scheduled two weekends per month.

Cost:  $90 per person + booking fee

Duration: 3-4 hours (9:45am-2pm)

Location: Inverness or the Sonoma Coast, depending on class (exact location will be specified in confirmation email)

Please note that Mushroom Hunts will go on RAIN or SHINE! Please plan on bringing rain gear/appropriate apparel. A full list of required and optional supplies will be emailed to you with our booking confirmation.

What do expect:

With a meeting site in either Inverness or the Sonoma Coast, this class will help you gain better insight into the wild foods all around you. Patrick will begin by discussing the mushrooms you’re likely to find, as well as the techniques for getting the most out of your forage. After that, you’ll hunt on your own for a bit, meeting up periodically with Patrick to identify your finds, pick out what’s edible, and discuss what’s not.

We recommend you be in moderate shape to enjoy the experience. The amount of edible mushrooms you take home depends on the current weather and conditions, so it’s hard to estimate the length of your specific class. We’ve had people take home many pounds of chanterelles, and people come home empty handed. What we can guarantee is a fun experience where you’ll learn enough to get out on your own the next time!

Note from Patrick: For the greatest variety of  mushroom species, the "Sonoma Coast" events are the best choice.


Wild Mushroom Foraging Adventure on Sonoma's Coast

About This Activity

Meet in Jenner for a class on mushroom habitats and edible fungi. Afterwards, everyone will have an opportunity to go out and hunt for mushrooms! 


Marin Coast Mushroom Foraging Adventure

About This Activity

Meet in Inverness for a class on mushroom habitats and edible fungi. Afterwards, everyone will have an opportunity to go out and hunt for mushrooms!

By booking, you are accepting the terms in the release form linked below:

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*Kindly note that we do not offer cancellations within 14 days of the class, but you're welcome to sell or gift your tickets to a friend (and just imagine how excited they'll be!).

*Please Note: California State Parks gate fees may also apply depending on location; $8 per car, or $7 per car with senior.  Please carpool.  California State Parks supports equal access.  Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact (707) 548-5782.