Private Foraging Classes

Our private walks are a great way to get some one-on-one time with nature. We've taken out everyone from bachlorette parties looking for something unique, to hardened bartenders looking for unique drinks creations. Our walks, which vary from 2-4 hours and are great for everyone from the beginner to the veteran forager, leave you with a great sense of what edibles are out there. From Chanterelles to wild nettle, we'll show you it all. We take out groups from 1-100, and can focus the class on everything from medicinals to drink mixes. 

For more info on pricing and to book, email us at:

Mushroom Hunting Adventures: Marin and Sonoma Coast

These hikes include short, informative, classes along the way that teach you how to begin to learn to identify some of mushrooms you might see on restaurant menus and maybe other ones too that are really good edibles!  (More intense classes can be scheduled but the events listed here are mostly for beginners who want to learn a little about the wonders in our woods.)

Wild Food Walks: San Francisco

Each one of our wild food walks covers a the most common wild edibles that are abundant in our area. They are held in parks in SF, and give you a great sense of what edibles are in the Bay Area and an idea of what to do with them.  

Your guide, Kevin Feinstein, also known as “Feral Kevin”, is an author, teacher, forager, and naturalist residing in the Bay Area.  Author of “The Bay Area Forager” and “Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging,”  he has been teaching the wild food walks for ForageSF for over five years, and foraging for decades.

Urban Sea foraging: San Francisco

On this tour Kirk leads an entertaining and educational low-tide fishing class along San Francisco's shoreline. Lombard will let you in on the tricks of the urban fishing trade like catching rock crabs, throwing a Hawaiian casting net, poke poling for flavorful eels and where to find the best mussel beds and edible sea weeds.

This two hour tour combines science, history and gastronomy. It is important to note that this is a class or tour not a guided fishing/foraging trip.  No one in the class is allowed to forage or fish while the class is in session, but you'll learn enough to find.