We're local - seeking the best of the best producers for Forage Kitchen

Hey all!

Using local food is important to us. Not only is it good for the environment, but even more importantly, buying local is the bedrock of a strong local economy. Each dollar we spend buying local organic produce and humanely raised meat is a dollar a farmer can spend making their business even better. For us local means a foundation of support, and we want Forage Kitchen to be part of that foundation.  Rather than just hoping our Chefs are using local ingredients, we're going to ask that anyone using our space orders from our vendor list. 

Rather than making each of our Chefs wade through vendors, we'll supply a handpicked cadre of the best of the best. Organic veggies, grass-fed meats, sustainably caught fish. All the meat, veggies, and seafood in Forage Kitchen will come from these vendors, and when you buy a product produced in Forage Kitchen, you can rest easy that only the best ingredients were used. 

The relationships we create will assure steady orders for the farmers and a consistent supply for our Chefs. The proverbial win-win :).

I wanted to reach out to see if you had suggestions on folks to reach out to. We only want the best of the best. If course we have the producers we love, but I'm sure there are lots out there we don't know about. The best fishmonger in town, the sliest rabbit rancher around, and the...beefiest ranchers that abound. Ok, but for real, let us know! We love the idea of supporting people doing it right, and with the huge order volume our space will have, we hope to help producers in doing what they do best.