Forage Kitchen

New!  The Forage Kitchen site is live.  Click here to visit now!

Forage Kitchen is a co-working space for food. More than just a rental kitchen, Forage Kitchen will be a home not only for artisan food makers, but for the entire Bay Area food community. 

We've signed a lease on a space in Oakland and are currently building out the space. If you'd like to use the kitchen when it opens:

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Just want to learn to be a better cook, or use the space for fun projects?  Click here

Check out the Kickstarter we did to fund the project here:

Forage Kitchen will be an incubator, much like The Underground Market, where we can push the food movement forward by helping small food makers to become successful. The space will include a shared-use kitchen, shared office space, equipment rental, and business support such as design and permit consulting. It will be a space where food professionals can take their business from start to finish. 

But this won’t just be a space for professionals. What makes Forage Kitchen different from other rental kitchens is the ease of access for non-professionals. 

For $99/month, you’ll be able to use our kitchen. Whether you want to can your backyard veggies, try out a recipe you’ve been eyeing, or make a feast for a potluck, Forage Kitchen will help you to do that. We’ll have training and cooking help available, as well as optional cold storage, meat curing, and equipment rental. This membership will also get you first dibs on cooking classes and invites to members-only parties and events.