Seaweed Foraging on the Sonoma Coast

Examine what is normally underwater with resident seaweed expert Heidi Herrmann from Strong Arm Farm in Healdsburg.  She has been sustainably harvesting and selling seaweeds for over a decade, she knows what to pick, how to pick it, and most importantly, how to make it taste delicious! This guided morning 2 hour foray will meet on the beach in Sonoma, and be followed by a talk by Heidi where she'll discuss what you collected, the science of seaweed, and how to cook your catch.  This is a coastal forage during low tide. You won't need to get in the ocean and we recommend wearing rain boots.


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Price $90 (plus processing fees)


Morning Forage
You'll learn to identify and sustainably harvest nori, wakame, bladder wrack and kombu to take home. You can expect a yield of up to 10 lbs during your foray on the Sonoma Coast.


·         DURATION: 

3-4 hours foraging on Sonoma Coast, followed by a seaside talk on the ecological culinary and scientific wonders of seaweed.


      Shell Beach, Sonoma, CA

      Detailed directions here

·        PRICE: $90 (plus processing fees):


·         ADDITIONAL COSTS: See FAQ below for suggested gear.

Read more about Heidi and her seaweed foraging adventures in Lucky Peach: A Little Kelp From My Friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

About the Sunrise Seaweed Forage:

Where should I stay the night before?

There are several campgrounds in the area if you're down to sleep with the stars, otherwise either Airbnb or The Jenner Inn are good options.

Also, Guerneville has many options, and great food - Santa Rosa is approximately 1 hour away from Shell Beach. 

What should I bring to the forage?
We recommend bringing rain boots (up to mid-calf); 4-6 medium bags/Ziplocs; a pen or Sharpie marker for labelling; and shears. We prefer gardening shears in a holster, though regular office scissors are fine. 

What should I wear and bring?
Bring both a wool hat and a sun hat—weather conditions vary widely! Wear rain boots (up to mid-calf) and bring an extra pair of socks and change of clothing, just in case. Your shoes/boots should have good traction, as the shore rocks can be very unstable, sharp, and slippery. You may also want to bring water and a camera. We will be separated from our cars during the entire duration of the foray.

What are the physical demands of this trip? 
There is a set of about 100 stairs leading down to the beach. While we are on the shore, the rocks require some caution and safe shoes as they can be slippery and unstable.


This came out last month - it gives good background to the Sonoma coast, and Heidi is also mentioned!


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