Sierra Morel Hunting

Join us on a wild mushroom hunt with resident expert and chef Patrick Hamilton. This guy knows his stuff! With over 40 years of mushroom hunting experience, he'll help you find them, make sure you're picking the right ones, and tell you the best methods for cooking mushrooms that you discover. These are great classes for the beginner or veteran forager.

Where: Pollock Pines, CA

When: April - June dates available!

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Cost: $90 per person, plus booking fee

Duration: 3-4 hours (9:45am - 2pm)

The Sierra forays focus on morels and spring porcini, as well as other fine edibles most of you will never have seen--nor tasted!

We meet up in the Eldorado National Forest, close to where the mushrooms have been spotted on reconnaissance by Patrick, and then go into the woods (drive then hike) at various areas in the hope of picking your dinner. There are rather high elevations (around 7,000'), so do be prepared if you get elevation sickness. Please, bring plenty of water, bring aspirin, wear a hat and sunscreen. Mosquito repellent is also a good idea for some spots too.

These forays are a bit different than our coastal ones, which focus more on teaching about varieties of mushrooms. These are all about trying to find premium morels and porcini! There are no guarantees in mushrooming, but recons will have been done the best spots which offer the best opportunities for finding both morels and spring porcini will be explored.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Where should I stay the night before?

There are campgrounds in the area if you're down to sleep with the stars, otherwise either Airbnb or Best Western in Pollock Pines are good options.

Will the foray be cancelled due to rain?

Mushroom Hunts go ahead, rain or shine! Please plan on bringing rain gear and other appropriate apparel. A full list of required and optional supplies will be e-mailed to you along with your booking confirmation.

When you book, you are accepting the terms in the release form linked below:

ForageSF Release Form

*Please note that we do not accept cancellations within 14 days of the class. You're welcome to sell or gift your tickets to a friend—just imagine how excited they'll be!

*Note: California State Parks gate fees may apply, dependent on location: $8 per car, or $7 per car with senior.  Please carpool.  California State Parks support equal access.  Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who require assistance should contact: (707) 548-5782.