Artisan Foraged Cocktails Class

Come join Brian for a 2 hour Foraged-Cocktail Workshop, where you'll learn to make absinthe bitters using locally harvested plants and wild crafted simple syrup (and you’ll get to take home your creations!).

In this hands-on class, you'll be schooled on the basics of preparing and using foraged plant-infused cocktail products such as bitters and syrups. We'll finish with a blending lab, where you'll get to mix and enjoy your own cocktails using wild crafted bitters, syrups, and more. Leave prepared to start a foraged cocktail program at home with a small stash of bitters, syrups and an item of your own creation! 

Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring their favorite herbs, spices, and botanicals to infuse into the products we'll create together. 

This workshop is led by Brian Wallace, a lifelong student and teacher of all things botanical. Whether he's extracting the essence of yet another species of artemisia, or blending up a new batch of botanically infused artisan chocolates for his company Endorfin Foods, Brian's mission in life is to spread the plant gospel everywhere he goes.

WHEN: These classes are scheduled throughout the year, generally every few months. Check below for current dates. 

WHERE: Forage Kitchen located at 478 25th St, Oakland, CA 94612

DURATION: 2 hours (1pm - 3pm)

PRICE: $75 (plus processing fees)


If you'd like to book a private class email us at

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*Please note that we do not offer refunds or reschedules for our classes, but you're welcome to sell or gift your tickets to a friend—just imagine how excited they'll be!