Cottage Food Law Series

We're still working towards getting Forage Kitchen up and running, but we figured, why not start teaching people now? The Cottage Food Law is an exciting new piece of legislation that does something we've been preaching for a while, lets you start a food business from home! Super exciting stuff. It went into effect Jan 2013, and in honor of this historic move of the pendulum away from industrialized food and toward rationality, this seasons classes will be focused on helping you to take advantage of it.

Please join us in getting started at our  Cottage Law 101 class- we will give you a great overview of the law, what is allowed, what is not, and put you on an educated road to food business.

Cottage Law 101

We will offer this class again in the Fall.  Please check back for upcoming dates, and make sure to sign up here for our mailing list to learn first when new classes are released!

*Kindly note that we do not offer refunds for any of our classes, you are however, welcome to sell or gift your tickets.