wild kitchen

a la carte

Just a quick post today, then I've got to get to the kitchen to do some more recipe testing. Our next Wild Kitchen is going to be an a la carte affair. Eight dishes, order what you want. No reservations for parties under 6. Possible accordian player outside to entertain the line.  We may also do takeout, but that's undecided at this point.  It's going to be something new for us. I'm excited. I'm trying to get this menu as dialed in as possible, so it will be smooth the day of. You can't plan for everything in food. Something is always going to happen that you couldn't have possibly seen coming. Someone won't show up, someone will get hurt, a food order won't come in because a truck broke down because it hit a pothole that was supposed to be fixed the day before but the construction worker just found out his wife had been cheating on him so he didn't come into work. But that's what makes it exciting, and what makes you feel at the end of the night that you've really been through something with the people you work with.  Every night is an rapids course that you work hard to manage, and when you come out the other side in one piece, there is a tired bliss.