We got to 30% on kickstarter!

We made it to 30%! This is real milestone on kickstarter. Campaigns that get to 30% have a 90% chance of being successful. What we need now is a constant push through the end. The most important thing is getting the word out. You are the ones who are dedicated to seeing this project happen. Tell your friends, and friends of friends. Don't just tell them to check out the project, but tell them why they should check it out. Why you pledged, and why you think it's important. If you're trying to start a business, this space will really help you out. Tell people how much, and why, you think it will help you move forward with your dreams.  After years of working in shared use kitchens, seeing what works/what doesnt work, what I liked, what the space really needed, I created the idea for Forage Kitchen.

I am going to be posting pictures/video of the raw space where the kitchen will be early next week. It's an amazing space. A huge warehouse. 100 ft ceilings, close to the water, a giant space that will give us room to grow the ideas we all come up with together when we move in there. I can't wait for you to see it.