This week in Forage Kitchen: Jan 7th

The holidays have scattered us far and wide, so we've all had  a dose of much needed down time. I took a trip up north to visit my dad in northern CA, spent a few days watching the rain and playing an outdated version of trivial pursuit (interesting how many facts have changed in the last 10 years), and came back to SF to discover that the herring were running! Our local herring live in the open ocean, but once each year they come into the bay to breed. Millions of fish (the estimated weight is almost half a million TONS) all rush into the bay. Just beneath the surface, females drop millions of eggs on shore rocks, and males are close behind to fertilize. This is called a run, and its an amazing thing to see. You need to be at just the right place at the right time, as they're often only in a certain location for a few hours, so if you want to find them, you need to have an in with the local fisherman network. If you're lucky enough, you'll get a frantic call, and you'll need to drop everything to make it there on time. I was lucky enough to get the call this year. With each throw of the net, dozens of fish came up, got over 60 lbs total! A super fun, exciting experience. We pickled them up and will be serving them at our next Wild Kitchen Dinner this month. If you want to join, the information is here.

But back to the kitchen: lots has been going on with Forage Kitchen of late. We've hired an operations manager, a great woman named Tracy Leighton who has years of experience in the industry. She's owned several restaurants, as well as spending years in the corporate world focused on project management. This will add some much needed structure to the team, and I'm excited to be working with her. We've also gone official and registered Forage Kitchen LLC (this actually happened a few months back, but I haven't mentioned it), and Fred (my business partner) is getting the SF business license today.

Our most pressing need now is to find space. We are looking for two kinds of spaces at the moment:

1. A 3-4000 Sq ft space with a previously built out commercial kitchen, to use as a starter space. The build out of the larger space could take over a year, and we really want to get all the excited folks using the kitchen before that. It will be a good spot to create fun events, get some businesses and Makers started working, hold classes, and also to figure out what tweaks we need to make to our ideas before the larger space opens. It will also help us start making money and proving that this isn't just some hairbrained scheme but actually something that people want to use (banks and investors like to see things actually existing before they shell out too much cash).

2. A final space: an 8-1000 sq ft. space, preferably with some kitchen infrastructure already existing (this will dramatically reduce our build out costs)

We have leads on both of these, which is super exciting! If you know of any similar spaces, let us know. That's all for now. I'm feeling really good about the project. We've got a great team together, and everyone is excited to make it happen. Until next week.