Planning and Hachi

Just met with Noriyuki Sugie to talk about Hachi! Its a guest chef project at Bread Bar in LA that Im going to be doing in feb.  All the talk of PR companies and press releases is not exactly what Im used to, but should be a lot of fun. The concept is that a guest chef comes in once a month and creates 8 dishes (6 savory, 2 sweet), that each sell for $8/each, as well as 3 specialty chef created cocktails ( a lot like the mission street food concept, except that they take reservations, and drinks are $12(( which I guess is pretty standard in LA))).  I guess the idea is to give chefs in LA a chance to get some buzz...since I dont live in LA, Im not sure what it'll do for me, but it will be an experience to be sure. The fact that Ive never really been to LA should make it even more interesting. If you live in LA, you should come check it out, its in the end of feb.

The planning for the next market is going. This should be a good one.  We've got a lot of people writing about it, and over 40 vendors that want to sell their wares, just need to find a space to bring it all together. I have some leads of warehouse spaces in the mission, so it looks like its going to work out. Answering emails is starting to become a full time job, but I may be getting a new intern, so that will help.  I think its really great how interested people are in the market, it seems to have struck a nerve.