on design

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about design.  Website design, logo design, package design, business design.  So much is wrapped up in the design of a product label, so much time agonizing over logo color and package size. So many places to buy bags of different sizes and weights, and so many things to consider...recycleable vs. compostable vs. matte colored (apparently matte colored packaging is neither recyclable or compostable).  What all this really boils down to though is image. What kind of image do I want?  Do I want the slick hipster- pictures of little birds on wires with pastel colors, the hippie - tons of multicolored mushrooms and bubbly font, the minimalist - brown card stock with black block lettering?  Even as I write this I feel a hint of unneeded vanity in my search.  We have this feeling that all these decisions just spring naturally, but the fact of the matter is that they are often arrived at through months of careful deliberation.  Not that its a bad process, its always fun to create something unique. Think about that next time you decide which chocolate to buy (high package design indeed). Think about why you choose a certain one, and why. Is it the taste, or the shiny package, that temps your fancy?  Think about the designers, sitting around a table at some cafe, macbooks at the ready, flicking though color templates, deciding which red is the right red for the 1/2 inch (or should it be 1/3 inch) border that surrounds the vermillion blue (or was aqua better) hand drawn (or at least made to look hand drawn) leaf logo.  There is so much that goes on in business behind the scenes. We all try our best to make it seem effortless, because people are attracted to this confidence, but its a lot of sweat to make anything new, although that's also what makes it fun and inspiring.   Making all these decisions, and knowing that each small success came your work.  It's exciting to think that you are putting something completely unique out into the world.  That what started as a random idea one night while lying in bed has blossomed into a concrete object in the world.  Something people think and talk about.  It's almost like having a child, but so much better, because you have all the freedom of design.  It's amazing really, to think that everything that exists in the world was at one point just an idea in someone's head. p.s. if anyone has any great ideas for forageSF logos etc.., I'm all ears.