not about food, but about people without any.

So this has nothing to do with food, although it does have to do with community, which I believe (hope) this whole food-ism is really about. I was listening to discussions of the propositions coming up on the May 19th special election. WTF!  Seems like the only way state government can think to bail itself out is pull the rug out from under kids (prop 1D takes 1.7B from early childhood education)and sick people (1E takes $460M from mental health services). It's not only heartless, but myopic and short sighted. Kicking a mentally ill person out of a program that costs $10,000/yr, just to throw them on the street, where they will eventually get arrested, and end up costing the state $100,000/yr, on top of the fact that their life is immeasurably worse, doesn't make sense. I'm sick of hearing that the state government doesn't have any money, and that the only option is to take away even more services from the most vulnerable populations.  I dont see why don't we don't increase taxes on the rich... 50-60-70%. Why not?  If the state government of CA, one of the most wealthy states in the most wealthy country in the world, is actually staring down the abyss into true financial meltdown, if basic services are actually going to stop functioning in six weeks, if the sewers will overflow and there will be anarchy in the streets of a city without cops,  why don't we take some money from the millionaires? Maybe instead of getting the deluxe home theatre they'll only get a 74 inch plasma screen TV, maybe nix the imported italian leather seats in their new lexus.  I realize this is a simplistic argument, but really, why do the people that are least able to afford it always end up paying? why don't you ever see rich people giving bums money?  Why are we all so damned selfish?  crazy world.