my day - april 8

7:26 - wake up, eggy in a basket, smoke, coffee, shower 8:20 leave the house for alemany farm. Heard there were cattails there I could pick.

8:40 arrive at alemany, gates locked, too busy today to deal with the cops, decide to make my way to mclaren to collect greens

9:03 arrive at mclaren, collect radish greens, radish flowers and minors lettuce in the rain, for mission street food tomorrow.view from mclaren

9:50 back home to change into dry shoes, shirt.  Wigwam socks, my favorite. eat leftover pasta, more coffeeimg_0210brunch

10:15 leave home for ferry building to meet with Ian from Far West Fungi, and pick up erin, a girl who contacted me after the SF weekly article came out, and is helping me out today

10:30 arrive at ferry building, meet erin, buy black trumpet, hedgehogs and yellowfoot to fill an order for chez panisse, and for mission street food.  mushrooms come from northern CA, from a buyer me and Ian work with. black trumpets aren't  looking great.  talk to Ian about placing an order for fiddleheads and seabeans from a supplier in eureka. we need to order by 3:30 for tomorrows delivery. if I can't find seabeans today, I'll have to buy them.IanErin

10:50 leave ferry building, drive to chez panisse.

11:30 arrive at chez, bring in the black trumpets and hedgehogs.  make sure the chef looks them over before buying, misunderstandings with perishable goods always sucks.mushrooms

11:45 buy more coffee, leave chez for a nettle spot in the east bay

12:20 arrive and start harvesting nettle for mission street food.  Also find radish greens and flowers, as well as nasturtium flowers. great in salads.

1:20 kept looking around, and discovered a great seabean spot, fields of it!

sea beansIso

1:50 checking out another sea bean spot, find this amazing beach filled with smoothed down ceramic pieces, like sea glass.  Probably the result of some factory dumping, but amazing all the same...didn't find sea beans.sea ceramiccoast

2:50 call Ian to talk about order. found seabeans, but still need fiddleheads for the CSF boxes on friday.

3:00 head back into the city

3:0 arrive at fort funston. never been there before, but Erin thinks she saw some seabeans there once.

5:00 leave fort funston, no luck, but saw a field of minors lettuce I'll definitely get back to some day.

5:45 back home to a return emails and call Bill about foraged fruit.

6:45 meet Bill, owner of atlas cafe, at his house. here to collect oranges for mission street food. his orange tree grows the best fruit, nice navel oranges that have a really refreshing tartness. collect oranges, and talk about the meal we've been planning at atlas, decide to meet tuesday.

7:10 leave bills to head back to mclaren. need more greens.

7:25 get to mclaren, collect minors lettuce and radish greens. it's stopped raining, and is a nice warm night at dusknot mclaren, but a nice ending

8:00 leave mclaren, head home.

7:45 back home. eat food. drink beer. relax.