Mushroom Season Has Arrived!

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It's here, officially.  The rains came, then we waited, we went to mendocino, found nothing, then waited some more. But now it's here. Behind every stray bramble, beneath every knotted pine, you’ll find them (or hope to).  We’ve waited through the months of cracked ground, dust storms (well, maybe not dust storms), and wilted greens, but now they’re here.

I, and a few like me, found our first mushrooms of the season today.  Porcini, oyster, many yet to be identified. As an aside, I also found some bullwhip kelp, which I am going to try once again to make into a pickle. The last attempt tasted about how you might imagine raw thick rubbery seaweed might taste when prepared incorrectly…raw, thick, and rubbery.It’s a very exciting time, discovering fresh fungus, after so many months of abstinence.  Like that first cigarette after you’ve quit for a month.  Almost worth the wait, just to experience it fresh.