June 11th Underground Market - Vendors List

This has been a great month for The Underground Market. We had an overstuffed sample day, with over 30 new vendors bringing everything from savory tarts, to a new one for me, a potato taco. SF Weekly published some delicious food porn from the last market, so if you want a taste of what's to come this month, definitely check out the article. We've also started on the road to creating more community amongst vendors with a google group where they can chat. If you want to join, you need to be a vendor. So come to the next sample day, become a vendor, and join us. Until then, we have a really great market this Saturday at Public Works. Fresh wood fired pizza, home-brew mustard, world class grilled cheese, and of course, the potato taco.


Popstand - Popsicles

Dos Gringos Salsa - Salsa

Dandelion Chocolate - Chocolate

Skincare by Feleciai

The Cookie Department – Functional cookies

Ahram Namu Kimchi – Organic kimchi topped hot dogs

Ooh La La Lumpia - Lumpia

Dulceria – Ice cream sandwiches

Nanny's Mustard - Homemade stout mustard

Monchi Foods - Pork kimchi tamale & quesadilla

Little Knock – Vietnamese crepes

El Charapo - Salsas

Vickles Pickles - Pickles

Jeannie's Artisan Jams – Seasonal jams

Desperation Bakehouse – Shirt pocket pies

Nostalgia Butters – Sweet spreads

Savory Crepes by Inna Golod

The Sauerkraut Kids - Sauerkraut

Raws In Business – Raw tarts & treats

Sweet Tings – Cheesecake Lollipops

Peter's Sausage - Sausage

Oaktown Jerk – Beef jerky

Bay Area Bee Co – Local honey

Iron Maiden – Vegan falafel waffle

Madrileño – Spanish empanadas

Tamales Oaxaca – Tamales


Schulzies Bread Pudding – Bread pudding

Sidesaddle Kitchen – Raw vegan cookies

A Humble Plate – Laotian Food

Dehesa Foods – Artisan sausage

BiBimBopBowl – Korean Bi Bim Bop

Simply Mochi - Mochi

Gluttony Catering – Duck confit tacos & more

Tamala Go Café – Enchilada tacos

Kitchensidecar – Banh mi burgers

City Smoke House – Pulled pork sandwiches & more

Jilli Ice Cream & Soda – Raw milk ice cream

Jerk. – Jerk chicken

PizzaHacker - Pizza

Little Knock – Vietnamese crepes

Sasonao - Empanadas and plantain chips

Mo Foods - Lemonade, marmalade & sabayon

Morgans Menu – Hawaiian baked goods

Saucy Dumplings! – Pork & vegetarian dumplings

Tara Mendioro - Adobo

PotacoSF – Potato tacos

Pesto by Marco Antonelli

Glorious Food – Chile Rellenos

Lenga Lenga – Portuguese croquettes

Morph – Thai Curry & fresh rolls

Grilledcheezguy – Grilled cheese

Manchef – Seasonal crostini

Nosh This – Bacon crack and more