An Incubator Kitchen, thoughts

This week in forageSF- open source design, Outstanding in the Field, kickstarter reward dinners, plates made of walnut

This has been a good week. The interns we hired a few weeks ago are great, and it's been nice to have the extra help. We're finally finished getting all the info together on the kickstarter backers. It's amazing what a logistical challenge it is trying to get 1600 people to respond to a survey, then deal with the inconsistencies of what rewards are going where....wont bore you too much with the specifics, but the good news is that we'll finally be able to get stuff out to the people who deserve it! The first step in that process are the kickstarter reward dinners we're organizing for next week. Im excited about these meals. The menu is going to be a lot of fun to create, and everyone at the event will be someone who helped get Forage Kitchen started, its going to be a good couple of nights. We're creating some custom serving dishes for this meal, out of walnut scraps (the wood not the food). Everything tastes better served on wood.

In other news, we set a date for the Open Source Design night. When we invite everyone (you!) in to share your ideas of what Forage Kitchen will be. What it will look like, how it will feel, where the ovens will go. We're going to have tons of pictures up on the walls of our ideas for the space, and invite you to tell us what you think/add your own.

Something Im also really excited about for that night is the model of the space we're going to build. We're going to build a 3x3ft model, complete with everything we want to have in the space, and invite you to create your ideal space. Move the walls, change the colors, push the cafe up front, and we'll have a photographer there to document your genius.

This event is going to be potluck style, so I hope you'll come, and make sure to bring something delicious to share (food or drink).

On the kitchen front, things are moving forward. Im going to be interviewing candidates for the Operations Manager position starting the 3rd week in october, excited about meeting all the candidates, and building a solid team to run this operation. We also just hired a wonderful woman, Katy Oursler, to manage and expand our events. She is one of the folks who pioneered "Outstanding in the field", the great travelling dinner series. Its been a company that I've always really respected, the way they marry food and experience, and one that I've used in many ways as a model for my events. Its really exciting to be working with her, and to discuss ideas and philosophies of creating amazing events. She is going to be spending time creating a private events series for forageSF (so if you're interested in having a private event hosted by us, definitely get in touch), as well as expanding the classes we offer. Forage Kitchen will be with us soon, but in meantime we want to start organizing classes to give everyone a taste of what we'll have in the space. Hope you're good.