This week in Forage Kitchen

Just got off a week of working our asses off for the Eat Real festival. Sold a ton of grilled cheese, fried smelt, and mouth numbing pickles. Hope we saw you there, and if not, hope to see you soon. I've been personally focused on reading through the applications for the operations manager position we're working to fill. There are some really amazing applicants, so I’m excited to meet them when we start the interviews. We've hired three new interns, and posts from them will come soon, introducing themselves and talking about what they're up to at forageSF. Something I’m excited about is the final project they are going to plan as a culmination of their internship. We're going to have them organize an event completely of their own creation. They've already thrown out some cool ideas, so it should be a fun one. When that happens I hope you all will come out to support, should be a good time. I've started to read a new book called Locavesting, which I’m really excited about. It’s about the new crowd funding movement, where locals are starting to be able to invest on a small scale. It makes sense, having the ability to support businesses and the people who are creating something for your community. I’m going to write a more involved and dedicated post on that soon, but you should all check out the book, because I think this movement has the ability to totally upend the way our economy operates--not to be too grandiose about it.

Well back to work, hope you're all doing well out there, and may the odds be forever in your favor.