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SF Underground Market

February 5th Underground Market Vendors

The market is at SomArts, at 934 Brannan St, in SF. Starts at 11am, ends at 11:00pm. DAY VENDORS:

Sasonao latin Cuisine  --  Tony Ulloa  --  Nicaraguan cuisine Fresh Bite Bakery  --  Cindy Tsai Schultz/Terry Betts  --  http://www.freshbitebaking.com/ --  baked goods Todd Masonis  --  bean-to-bar chocolate mo foods  --  Caterina Rindi/Jae Brim  --   www.mo-foods.com --  foraged/gleaned pickles & preserves Epicurean Solutions  --  Moira Tocatium  --  Veggie Deli Salads Starter Bakery  --  Brian M. Wood  --  www.starterbakery.com --  bakery Three Bowls  --  Indu Kline  --  Ambrosia - food of the gods James Saltzman's Smoked Bacon  --  James Saltzman  --  smoked bacon & brownies Rokas/Kelli Armonas  --  honey & mushrooms Beet Freaks  --  Sharon Salmon  --  pickles Earth Alchemy Chocolate  --  Susan Marjanovic  --  earthalchemychocolate.squarespace.com/ --  raw herbal chocolate Bread Project  --  Diedre Linburn  --  chocolate chip cookies The Chai Cart  --  Paawin  --  hot chai & chai packets Canvas Underground  --  Peter Jackson   www.canvasunderground.com --  meats & gumbo Raja Sen  --  dal and balsamic vinaigrette Quackery  --  Scott/Ramona  --  kombucha Ben Sawicki  --  flavored kale chips & veggie curry Josey Baker  --  bread Dehesa  --  Edward Lekwart  --  artisan sausages Tamales By Rudy  --  Rudy Santiago  --  burrito-sized tamales German Bread  --  Katrin Staugaard/Daniela Busse  --  traditional German bread & foraged plum jams Le Chaudron Magique  --  Isabelle Sin  --  seasonal jams Kirsten Roehler  --  seasoned goat cheese, seasoned salts & pickled lemons Yaella Frankel  --  chutneys, relishes & salsas Telegraph Hill Coffee Roasters  --  David Oliver  --   www.telegraphcoffeesf.com --  coffee


Flosa Creamery  --  Jordan Grosser  --  bacon-wrapped mochi CoCoTutti  --  Elyce Zahn  --  http://cocotutti.com/ --  caramels, chocolates Jilli  --  Will Schrom and Jacky Hayward--  www.jilli-icecream.com --  sarsaparilla and raw ice cream! Whole Beast Supper Club  --  Kevin Bunnell  --  pig products Lan Kulapaditharom  --  Tawainese: beef/chicken slider & shrimp wonton Lelajay's Ridiculously Good Gluten-FREE  --  Lila Akhzar  --  gluten-free brownie bites Aaron's Almost Better Than Sex Cake  --  Aaron Keller  --  chocolate oreo-toffee cake & beer dogs Sidesaddle Kitchen  --  Laura Miller  --  www.facebook.com/SidesaddleKitchen --  raw vegan pies Mama’s African Kitchen   --  Dupe Bello  --  traditional African curry dishes JazzyB's Recipez  --  Jasmine Ball  --  mac n’ cheese-veggie & w/pork belly A Humble Plate  --  Rathsamee Ly  --  Laotian Food Saucy Dumplings  --  Michael Lee  --  pork & vegetarian dumplings Hella Vegan Eats  --  Sylvester Chitica/James Raushenberg  --  www.hellaveganeats.com --  Vegan deliciousness Luscious Liquids  --  Kathy DeWitt/Tracee Raptis  --  elixirs and such Sajen Foods  --  Morisinah Katimin  --  Gado-gado & satay burger w/peanut sauce (Indonesian street food) Laksa Pho King  --  Stephen Backer  --  Vietnamese Pho & Malaysian Curry Laksa The Occasional Macaron Shop  --  Katie/George Wang  --  www.facebook.com/macaronshop --  macarons Angry Man Eats  --  Paul Midgen  --  chicken & waffles Tamale Nation  --  Alison Greenwood/Maria  --  tamales & empanadas Eric Eberman  --  veggie empanadas Bake It Banana  -- Courtney Dougherty  --  banana desserts

OUTDOOR NIGHT VENDORS: Kitchen Sidecar  --  Katie Kwan  --  www.kitchensidecar.com --  banh mi burger Pizza Hacker  --  Jeff Krupman  --  pizza The Grilled Cheese Guy  --  Michael Davidson  --  grilled cheese Sataysfied  --  Feldo Nartapura  --  www.sataysfied.com --  Indonesian satays Boffo Cart  --  Rhasaan Fernandez/Crystal Williams  -- hot sandwiches & paninis Panguita  --  Andre Joffroy  -- beer battered fish tacos & beef tostadas


Planning and Hachi

Just met with Noriyuki Sugie to talk about Hachi! Its a guest chef project at Bread Bar in LA that Im going to be doing in feb.  All the talk of PR companies and press releases is not exactly what Im used to, but should be a lot of fun. The concept is that a guest chef comes in once a month and creates 8 dishes (6 savory, 2 sweet), that each sell for $8/each, as well as 3 specialty chef created cocktails ( a lot like the mission street food concept, except that they take reservations, and drinks are $12(( which I guess is pretty standard in LA))).  I guess the idea is to give chefs in LA a chance to get some buzz...since I dont live in LA, Im not sure what it'll do for me, but it will be an experience to be sure. The fact that Ive never really been to LA should make it even more interesting. If you live in LA, you should come check it out, its in the end of feb.

The planning for the next market is going. This should be a good one.  We've got a lot of people writing about it, and over 40 vendors that want to sell their wares, just need to find a space to bring it all together. I have some leads of warehouse spaces in the mission, so it looks like its going to work out. Answering emails is starting to become a full time job, but I may be getting a new intern, so that will help.  I think its really great how interested people are in the market, it seems to have struck a nerve.



We've been getting some good press on the Underground Farmers Market. People seemed to have had a really good time, and I'm excited to do the next one.  unfortunately, much of the press has focused on the health departments visit, something that I did mention in my blog, but that I wish people wouldn't talk about quite so much.  It's interesting to see the demographic that comments under the different stories. Some sites are all positive, some are all negative. There doesn't seem to be a mix. CHOW readers seem unanimously opposed to the idea, fearing food borne illness and the like.  Whereas Mission local readers are all totally behind us, and itching for the next market. Very interesting. I do see where the detractors comments are coming from.  We have been tought all our lives that the only way to know if something is safe is to ask the government. Is this toy safe, this seat belt, this apple, these jeans?  Should I eat more meat? More veggies? More pasta? We don't know the answer to these questions anymore.  We expect the government to answer for us, and then get pissed when their answer turns out to be wrong. With E coli outbreaks rampant, and a  toothless USDA, I would rather put my trust in the guy who sells corned beef down the street, someone who lives in my community and answers to his customers, than some opaque regulatory body in some far off office in des Moines.  This is what the local food movement is about.  Trusting the people around you. Getting to the point where we don't have to ask someone else what to eat and where to eat it, because we know. We know the people around us, and we trust them, and we trust their food.  That's the kind of world I want to live in.

So for the next one, Im thinking of getting backyard city farmers together, so they can sell some of the great produce thats growing right here in the city! Also, I want to have workshops, pickling, soap making, and more music! All still free to see!


"A successful night", or "how the health department showed up at the market, but were very nice"

So the first of many (hopefully) underground farmers markets is over. It was a total success. People showed up, but not so many that the cops came. Vendors brought enough that there was something for the late comers, but just enough so they sold out. The music was amazing (although I didn't get to hear as much as I would have liked, tethered to my vendor table). It was a really cool mix of folks; hipsters, seniors, toddlers, old school hippies, young urban farmer types.

The vendors who showed up were.... Slow Jams-Really great Jam, and Shakirah sold out! - Forage SF - Will Schrom: homemade sarsaparilla - Captain Blankenship: soaps and salves - Garden Fare: edible garden gift boxes - The Golden Crust: pies ($15-20/pie or $3/slice) and chai - The Girl From Empanada (aka. Chile Lindo): empanadas - Lauren & Jon Bowne (aka. Pearl's Kitchen): homemade Jewish deli fare, they had a pasta and cheese casserole - Five Flavors Herbs: wild foraged tinctures - Honey vendor

I think its great that people will come out to support their local producers. The vendors at this market are all pros, they know their stuff, how to make it good, and how to make it safe. The only reason they aren't legit is money. It was great to see them get an opportunity to get their stuff out there, make some cash, and get some exposure.

So....the health department did show up. Was a pretty nerve wracking couple minutes. I've never actually dealt with the health department before, and I must say that I've always had the feeling out them that I do about most government organization, dread. They're scary, showing up with their notebooks, checking boxes, with the power to command an army of police to shut you down....but I must say that the health department was very nice. I was amazed. We had a 10 minute chat about how I might do the market again in the future, and ways to make it more legit. I was totally amazed, and pleased with the interaction. I know what you're thinking, I'm just writing that to suck up, so they won't bust me, but it's true. In the end I wish they hadn't come at all, but if they had to come (because tipped them off!), then I have to say they came correct ("correct" is what the kids are saying these days).

Apparently they showed up because SOMEONE FROM A LEGIT FARMERS MARKET RATTED US OUT!!!! You hear that!? Can you believe it? I can't. What happened to community? Supporting our local food producers? I guess only if they have $100/hr to spend on commercial kitchen space do they deserve to share their products. I'd like to know who did it. I'd like to have a conversation with them. If they had concerns about the market, they should have come to me. We could have discussed ways to make it better, they could have helped rather than sicking the hounds on us. Bastards.

But on a lighter note, everything worked out. I had a really good time, hundreds of people came, we had some drinks, ate some food, met some great people, listened to some music, and made some cash. Doesn't get much better.

If you missed this one, and are interested in finding out when/where we're doing it again, sign up for our email list.

Check out our facebook page for more pics from the market


The Market Is Happening!!

It's all very exciting.  The underground farmers market has found a home, and is happening this thursday. Check out the deets below. Don't mind the formatting, can't be helped.

The Underground Farmers Market Has A Home! We've got some vendors, booked some music, and even got some homebrew lined up! It's happening this Thursday, December 17th, at 2755 Bryant Street There is going to be a lot of great stuff: jams, pies, edible garden boxes, wild mushrooms, acorn flour, homemade sarsaparilla, Jewish deli fare and homemade empanadas.


The underground farmers market is a venue where you can taste and purchase the food that is being made in the kitchens of our fair city. Call us voyeuristic, but this is a chance to peek into others' kitchens and share in their bounty. Pies, jams, sarsaparilla to feast on - all by "suggested donation."

To sell at a farmers market, you need to produce your wares in a commercial kitchen. This is an impossible expense for many of us, so the underground farmers market is about helping to get some exposure for all of our fellow producers without the cash for a commercial kitchen.

These are veterans, people who've been making their products for years, but only able to share them with friends. We thought we'd give them a venue to share with the whole SF food community.

So come join us this Thursday to support our local producers, get some last minute Christmas gifts and have some drinks to boot.

"What's that?" you ask. "I've heard of underground dinners, but an underground farmers market?"

That's right. A market, and a live show, all rolled into one. Think a farmers market, but at night, with music and drinks, and fresh roasted chestnuts.

Vendors forageSF: Acorn flour, fresh wild mushrooms, wild fennel seeds, huckleberry jam, wild Blackberry jam, and CSF gift certificates HeartBaker: Makes some amazing baked goods Slow Jams: Great homemade jam Will Schrom: Homemade sarsparilla (maybe the best soda you've ever tasted) Captain Blankenship: Soaps and salves Kelsey: Gingerbread houses Garden Fare: Edible garden gift boxes The Golden Crust: Pies, pies, pies The Girl From Empanada:  Homemade empanadas Lauren & Jon Bowne: Homemade Jewish deli fare (think corned beef, not gefilte fish) Five Flavors Herbs: Wild foraged tinctures

What: Underground Farmers Market

When: Thursday December 17th, 5-11pm

Where: 2755 Bryant St, SF

Cost: Free!!

5-8pm Drinks, Roasted Chestnuts, Shopping

8:30-9:30 Floating Felt 10-11 More drinks and shopping


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Planning underground farmers markets, it turns out, is not all fun and games. Maybe always games, but fun only most of the time. The minus percentage of fun comes when cell space (in all their infinite wisdom) decides not to return my calls! I'm trying to give them money! I'm trying (desperately) to fill up a room that is not being used with happy, slightly drunk people who want to buy things, eat food, and listen to great music.  For this privilege, I want to pay them the handsome fee of $1000.  But they won't let me. For that they would have to return my calls.  That would be too easy.