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More posts....first on the market

So Ive decided to post more on this a here internet web machine. These wont be polished, I wont go back and add the ' in wont for example. But more quick snippits of whats going on in the forageSF world. 1. So. The 4th Underground Market is done. It was a great time, even though I have felt better (not feeling so great that day). It was the first time Ive used a legitimate events space for anything Ive ever done. Its always been warehouses of friends, peoples backyards etc..but with people waiting so long to get into the march market, I figured I owed it to all of you to pony up some cash for a bigger space. It was MUCH bigger, although people still ended up waiting.

There are all these little things that come along with using a real space that I would have never imagined (maybe if Id actually read the policies beforehand I would have figured it out, but reading policies is not my strong suit). For example, $300 charge for trash sorting! $300! I agree that trash should be sorted, but I guess I though people would do it themselves.

Overall it was a great time in a great space. We had 70 (70!) vendors this time, which may have been a few too many for the space, but I think everyone had a good time. I think its great that so many people are interested in showing up for these kinds of events. Supporting the local/alternative economy, rather than throwing their money into the wind (read: corporations), never to be seen again, they choose instead to give it to their neighbors, and in doing so, get to help them succeed. Good times.