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forage forage

So foragesf had one of its first community forages saturday!  There were only three of us, Iso (me), Shelia Hernandez, and one new forager, Moe Beitiks, who's pictured below holding some fresh mushrooms. We went up to china camp, this great park in the north bay.  It used to be an old chinese shrimping village until they were forced out by racist laws in the 1800's, allowed to return, and are currently being forced out again by global warming.  Got the last bit of fact from this old chinese women who runs a store in the village.  A cool little place with about 3 budweisers and some instant coffee.  We were hoping to find a boatload (get it....shrimp....boat)[gallery] of chanterelles, but for some reason only found boletes and some yet unidentified fungus.  Seemed like someone had already been there, although we were pretty early.

I'm in the midst of planning a foragesf fundraiser. music, food, drinks, mostly wild, mostly homemade, with Asiya of Forage Oakland. Thinking 18 reasons, Bi-Rites new art space on Guerrero seems like a good spot, but need to go down and talk to them.  I'm still learning how to use this here internet machine website wordpress, so all the pics I've taken are rather haphazardly placed.  Until next time.


moe w/shrooms

p.s.  pics above include will Schrom, from a previous hunt.