SF Underground Farmers Market is Back

The market is back! We found a space, booked some music, got some vendors, got some workshops some wild boar to cook....If you want to check out the full post, or sign up for our email list, please click here.

When: Thursday Jan 28th from 5-11pm

Where:199 Capp st. at 17th, San Francisco

How Much: Free -  sign up on our list

Here is a full list of the vendors that are going to be at the market:

Erin Murry - sauerkraut

The Girl From Empanada - Fresh Empanadas

Indu Kline -

Ghee and other Weston A Price foods

Rana Chang (House Kombucha)


Olivia (little cake peddler)-Cupcakes

Margaret Wong-Wild mushroom spreads

Jeff tidwell-kraut

Katherine Kirby - Granola


home grown veggies

Jessica (golden crust)- Pies Pies Pies

Will Schrom -


Jana Blankenship - soaps and salves

Shakirah (Slow Jams) - Jams



Arianna Montmayer - Cupcakes




Raw chocolate

Pearl's Kitchen-corned beef sandwiches

Lane Kennedy-kettle corn


amazing desserts

Julia Abbassi-bread

Soul Cocina- mexican food

Becky Spencer-Jams

John Farais-Acorn fudge

Stephanie Rosenbaum - Bread and jam

Kate Thompson and Christine Waring - Granola

Robin Jolin-Kombucha

poster by philip clark



Planning underground farmers markets, it turns out, is not all fun and games. Maybe always games, but fun only most of the time. The minus percentage of fun comes when cell space (in all their infinite wisdom) decides not to return my calls! I'm trying to give them money! I'm trying (desperately) to fill up a room that is not being used with happy, slightly drunk people who want to buy things, eat food, and listen to great music.  For this privilege, I want to pay them the handsome fee of $1000.  But they won't let me. For that they would have to return my calls.  That would be too easy.


Its all coming together....Underground Farmers Market!

Underground Farmers Market

"What's that?" you say "I've heard of underground dinners, but an underground farmers market?". That's right. A market, and a live show, all rolled into one.  Think a farmers market, but at night, with music and drinks, and fresh roasted chestnuts roasting over an open flame.... What? The underground farmers market is a venue where you can taste the food that is being made in the kitchens of our fair city.  Call us voyeuristic, but this is a chance to peek into others' kitchens and share in their bounty.  Pickles, pies, meats, breads to feast on - all by "suggested donation".  But let's not forget the drinks and the music! Yes, we've invited the musicians.  I know, sounds like a party, not a market, but why can't you have both?  Come together, support our local producers, get some last minute Christmas gifts, and have some drinks to boot. This is about supporting our own homemade diy community, so come out and see what other people are making. The vendors are still to be selected, but from forageSF you can expect delicious fresh wild mushrooms, huckleberry jam, acorn flour, freshly baked acorn bread, and candy cap mushroom cookies. The other producers will be making jams, pies, soaps, bread etc...

Why? To sell at a farmers market, you need to produce your wares in a commercial kitchen. This is an impossible expense for many of us, so the underground farmers market lets all those home producers get their products into the light.  These are veterans, people who've been making their products for years, but only able to share them with friends. We thought we'd give them a venue to share with the whole SF food community.  We'll test all the vendors products, make sure they're delicious and safe, all for you to try.

What: Underground Farmers Market

When: Friday December 18th

Where: We're still deciding on a space, if you have one you think would work, please let us know.

Cost: Free!

Stuff Be a vendor

Volunteer to help out at the market