SF Underground Market

San Jose Underground Market

Here is the vendor list for this Fridays Underground Market in San Jose. Where: S 1st st between San Carlos and Reed St. , San Jose

When: Friday, Sept 17th, from 5pm-midnight

Golden Roots Catering - Vegetarian Home Cookin'
Bakesale Fruit Crisps - fruit crisps
Good Foods Catering - BBQ & pulled pork
Venga Paella - seafood chorizo paella
CoCoTutti - caramels, chocolates
Fat Alley Foods - Fried Chicken & Andouille Sausage gumbo & vegan gumbo
Jeannie's Jam's - Jams
Sweet Francisco - cookies & sweets
Luscious Liquids - elixirs and such
Kitchen Sidecar - banh mi burger
JERK. (Matterson's Authentic Jamaican Cuisine) - jerk chicken w/bread and sauce
SF Delicious Catering - French Street Food
Saucy Dumplings - pork & vegetarian dumplings
A Humble Plate - Laotian Food
Dr. Steve's Magic - juices and veggie/fruit cakes
Hella Vegan Eats - vegan tamales, salsas and ice cream
Raw Daddy Foods ' jimmi jam' - raw food flax seed cones
Suite Foods - traditional Belgian waffles
Cocoa Blossom Chocolaterie - handmade chocolates
Sajen Foods - Gado-gado & satay burger w/peanut sauce (Indonesian street food)
Jaya - crepes & bolinis
Rokas Armonas - local honey
Nosh This - irish coffee on a stick/bacon brittle & chili & cornbread
Tamale Nation - tamales & empenadas
Sweet Lauren - cake lolli pops!
Earth Alchemy Chocolate - raw, organic herbal chocolate
Raja's Chai & curry - chai & plkouda