SF Underground Market

"Night Market" Vendors- Jan 15th

The next SF Underground Market will be a happening Saturday January 15th, as a collaboration with PublicWorksSF.  Basically, we're bringing the food, and they're bringing the music. Something that's always been a part of the market, but until now has not had the focus we'd like.  This is going to be a lot like the markets you've come to know and love, but we're upping the ante on the party in the later evening. We are still going to have a full market, starting at 11am, but instead of ending at midnight, we'll be going until 2am with more drinks, more food, and more music.  All of our favorite new and returning vendors will be there making delicious food I'm really excited about this, so come out, eat some food, drink some drinks, and support local food.


Shazam Biscotti  --  Sharri Samuel  --  biscotti (toasted almond, white chocolate & dried apricots) Bodega Kombucha  --  Frank Wang  --  kombucha-unique flavors SFQ  --  Michelle Manfredi  --  sfqinfo.blogspot.com --  BBQ sauces Orlando Richards  --  traditional Jamaiican sauces & drink Chinobe Kitchen  --  Sonya Wang  --  assorted rugelach Dolce Leche  --  Yannina Pacis  --  cookies-ube, pb & j and smores Andy Dale  --  Andy Dale --  organic sunflower oil Zukra Bakery  --  Leslie Quinn  --  www.zukrabakery.com --  gluten-free baked goods Dona Lucy Salsa  --  Natalia Anguiano  --  chicken mole Eat This! Real Mexican Grub  --  Cisko Garibay  --  salsa Oaktown Jerk  --  Randall Hughes  --  http://www.oaktownjerk.com/ --  beef jerky Golden Roots Catering  --  Amber Shigg  --  Vegetarian Home Cookin' Sasonao latin Cuisine  --  Tony Ulloa  --  empanadas and plantain chips ZubRub  --  Mark Szelenyi  --  beeswax-based lip balm & body product Tamala Go Cafe  --  Raquel Contreras  --  enchilada flat wheels (enchilada tacos) The St. Park  --  Patrick Noon  --  healthy chai bars/chocolates Sweet Madness  --  Christina/Jen Yu   --  Delicious Meats & Sweets Empanadas de mi Pueblo  --  Keith Agoada  --  http://lucinaskitchen.com/ --  empanadas Butter Creations  --  Matt & Grace Dougan  --  www.buttercreations.com --  flavored butters She Sells Seaweed  --  Kacie Loparto  --  foraged seaweeds Shy Girl  --  Wendy Weeks  --  chicken pot pie & shepards pie Tasty Jacks  --  Cathy Jackson  --  extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches Nanny's Mustard  --  Genny McAuley  --  www.nannysmustard.com --  homemade stout mustard Beet Freaks  --  Sharon Salmon  --  pickles


Lelajay's Ridiculously Good Gluten-FREE  --  Lila Akhzar  --  gluten-free brownie bites The Urban Chef  --  Chef Kevin Kroger  --  mint-pop rock chocolate bark, & thai chicken stew Mama’s African Kitchen   --  Dupe Bello  --  traditional African curry dishes Kevin Bunnell  --  pig products Dulceria  --  Marisa Williams   --  cookies & cakes PizzaHacker  --  Jeff Krupman  --  pizza 23Monkeytree  --  Julia Lazar/Tom Franco  --  kombucha Sidesaddle Kitchen  --  Laura Miller  --  www.facebook.com/SidesaddleKitchen --  raw vegan pies Lan Kulapaditharom  --  Tawainese: beef/chicken slider & shrimp wonton Angry Man Eats  --  Paul Midgen  --  chicken & waffles Nucha  --  Ruben Gamundi  --  www.nucha-empanadas.com --  Authentic Argentinian Empanadas The Only Cookie  --  Deborah Stegman  --  delicious cookies Aaron's Almost Better Than Sex Cake  --  Aaron Keller  --  chocolate oreo-toffee cake Boffo Cart  --  Rhasaan Fernandez/Crystal Williams  -- hot sandwiches & paninis Marge-American Sweets  --  Megan Gordon  --  pies, oreo cookies, baked goods Bay Area Urban BBQ  --  Larry McClendon  --   Urban BBQ/Soul Food Good Foods Catering  --  Dontaye Ball  -- BBQ Pulled pork with spicy slaw JazzyB's Recipez  --  Jasmine Ball  --  mac n’ cheese-veggie & w/pork belly POPstand  --  Abby Pontzer  --  popsicles Ahram Namu Kimchi  --  Ahram Kim  --  Organic kimchi and kimchi topped hotdogs Raja Sen  --  dal and balsamic vinaigrette Biscuit Bender  --  Van Dao  --  biscuits Saucy Dumplings  --  Michael Lee  --  pork & vegetarian dumplings Kitchen Sidecar  --  Katie Kwan  --  www.kitchensidecar.com --  banh mi burger Nosh This  --  Kai Kronfield  --  Irish coffee on a stick/bacon brittle The Occasional Macaron Shop  --  Katie/George Wang  --  www.facebook.com/macaronshop --  macarons

When: Saturday January 15th 11am-4pm: Drinks, Hot Food, Mellow music 6pm-2am: Drinks, Hot Food, More Music

Where: PublicWorksSF 161 Erie St. (b/t Mission/14th st.) San Francisco How: Sign up for free membership. (Required to get in.) 11am-11pm: $5 11pm-2am: $10 21+ Drinks: Ful bar-serving all day