SF Underground Market

If this bill passes, it could destroy the Underground Market

There is a bill being voted on this Monday that could completely destroy what we are all trying to build.  I don't usually speak out against congressional bills, I think that more good is done focusing on building locally rather than getting angry about what is happening on the federal level, but this bill needs to be stopped.  SB510 is a food safety overhall that authorizes fines up to $250,000 for doing exactly what we do at the Underground Market. Selling food made in home kitchens.  Killing small food producers, while allowing agri-business to thrive.  It even makes it illegal to give away food from your own home garden.  This bill would theoretically make every vendor at the Underground Market liable for a quarter million dollar fine for selling you a jar of jam. It could also make you liable for those same fines for giving away your backyard veggies to your neighbor.

I know most of us (and I include myself) often think that our voice has no impact, that writing a letter or making a call isn't going to change anything, but in this instance, we at least need to try.  If you have anything to add, or if you made a call or wrote a letter, let me know with a comment on this blog.

Read this for more information on the bill: http://bit.ly/fwGbwR

Call the congressional hotline to voice your opposition: 1-888-493-5443