Meet our last intern, Nitika

Hello everyone! It’s Nitika, one of the new forageSF interns.  I’m super excited to be joining the forageSF team this semester and am writing to introduce myself to all you foragers and food-lovers. I am currently a second-year student at UC Berkeley, studying Computer Science. In addition to my love for food, my passions also include photography and dancing. Being a relative newcomer to the area (I’m originally from the great state of New Jersey), I was blown away by the flourishing food scene in the Bay. Everything, from food trucks to the Underground Market, embodies the entrepreneurial spirit I love about California. In the coming months, I can’t wait to learn about what it takes to start a thriving food business from people who are on the ground really doing it. In addition to constantly learning new things, my time at Forage will include working on the website, doing some outreach to the community – that means you!-, and doing research for the Forage Kitchen – which, incidentally, is how I found out about forageSF in the first place. All in all, I’m looking forward to my forageSF experience and hopefully meeting all of you along the way!