An Incubator Kitchen

Quest for Pork: Scavenger Hunt & Wild Boar Roast

Do you want to cavort around the city on a crazy scavenger hunt, searching for a secret pig roast put on by ForageSF, all to raise funds for our incubator kitchen? OF COURSE you do! On March 24th, we are teaming up with The Go Game to create 'Quest for Pork' an epic race across the city that will show you cool hidden parts of SF, offer up cool adventures...and make you really hungry! Which is good, 'cuz the game will ultimately lead you to a top-secret pig-roasting locale where we will drink, be merry and feast on a boar!' The $50 ticket gets you a day of scavenger hunt fun and a dinner of delicious boar with all the fixin's once you reach your destination.  There will be beer to buy, along with videos of your escapades for your general embarrassment broadcast on the big screen.

Starting at 8pm we'll have a special guest, Gypsy Jazz legends Gaucho will take the party into the night.

There is also a $150 VIP ticket available, which gets you free beer and boar for the night, and a limited edition "Soy Vs. Bacon" action figure set. Hint: Bacon wins.  This ticket price also helps support our efforts in the build out of our incubator kitchen.

We'll all meet at 3pm at a location to be announced (you'll find out when you get the ticket..Hint: It's in the mission), and then we'll set you free with your team to scavenge the city for clues. If you find the secret location of the boar roast (you will, don't worry), we'll feast on boar, watch some embarrasing videos, drink, then at 8pm we'll have music by Gypsy Jazz legends Gaucho (think Django Reinhardt).

We're also partnering with Zagat on this event. They're giving out a couple of VIP tickets for folks who review a local restaurant for their new Zagat guide. Get free beer and boar for the evening : Check out details here.

What: Wild Boar Scavenger Hunt and Gypsy Jazz Party

When: Saturday, March 24th 3-11pm

Where: It's a secret (we'll send the location to ticket holders soon)....

How: Tickets