SF Underground Farmers Market is Back

The market is back! We found a space, booked some music, got some vendors, got some workshops going...got some wild boar to cook....If you want to check out the full post, or sign up for our email list, please click here.

When: Thursday Jan 28th from 5-11pm

Where:199 Capp st. at 17th, San Francisco

How Much: Free -  sign up on our list

Here is a full list of the vendors that are going to be at the market:

Erin Murry - sauerkraut
The Girl From Empanada - Fresh Empanadas
Indu Kline -Ghee and other Weston A Price foods
Rana Chang (House Kombucha) -kombucha
Olivia (little cake peddler)-Cupcakes
Margaret Wong-Wild mushroom spreads
Jeff tidwell-kraut
Katherine Kirby - Granola
Patricia- home grown veggies
Jessica (golden crust)- Pies Pies Pies
Will Schrom - sarasparilla
Jana Blankenship - soaps and salves
Shakirah (Slow Jams) - Jams
Arianna Montmayer - Cupcakes
Susan Marjanovic- Raw chocolate
Pearl's Kitchen-corned beef sandwiches
Lane Kennedy-kettle corn
Heartbaker- amazing desserts
Julia Abbassi-bread
Soul Cocina- mexican food
Becky Spencer-Jams
John Farais-Acorn fudge
Stephanie Rosenbaum - Bread and jam
Kate Thompson and Christine Waring - Granola
Robin Jolin-Kombucha
poster by philip clark phclark@gmail.com