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Seaweed foraging

  • Seaweed foraging on Sonoma Coast
  • 2-3 hour class
  • Take home what you forage to dry and store 
  • Seaside talk on the ecological, culinary, and scientific wonders of seaweed
  • $90 plus booking fee

Seaweed Foraging, Cooking Class, and Beachside Picnic

  • Seaweed foraging on the Sonoma Coast
  • 3-4 hour class
  • Take home what you forage to dry and store 
  • Foraging followed by cooking class
  • Full beachside picnic lunch with seaweed collected that day
  • $110 plus booking fee

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Wild Mushroom Adventures: Sonoma and Marin Coasts

  • Mushroom foraging on the Sonoma or Marin Coasts
  • 3-4 hour class
  • Instructor will help identify what you have foraged 
  • People in our classes have found Chanterelles, Boletes, Black Trumpet,  Morels, Hedgehogs, and lots of other great species of delicious mushrooms.
  • $90 plus booking fee

Wild Mushroom adventures: sierra morels

  • Mushroom foraging in Eldorado National Forest
  • 3-4 hour class
  • The Sierra forays focus on morels and spring porcini, as well as other fine edibles most of you will never have seen--nor tasted!

  • Take home what you forage
  • $90 plus booking fee

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Wild Food Walks: San francisco and east bay

  • Want to know what you can eat in the woods?
  • 2 hour class
  • Learn about the wild food you see on San Francisco restaurant menus—everything from miner’s lettuce to wild radish flowers. 
  • $60 plus booking fee

Phone Photography and Mt. Tam hiking

  • Learn the fundamental rules, techniques and approaches to natural light photography for landscapes, outdoor environments, and close up photography of nature.
  • 3-4 hour class
  • Focus on framing, lighting, and editing
  • $90 plus booking fee