Our Teachers


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Kevin Feinstein

Kevin Feinstein (a.k.a. Feral Kevin) is an author, teacher, forager and naturalist residing in the Bay Area.  Author of The Bay Area Forager and Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging, he has been leading wild food walks for ForageSF for over three years. With nearly a decade in the field overall, Kevin and his work have been featured in Time magazine, American Airlines In-Flight Magazine, SF Chronicle, The Travel Channel, KWMR, KPFA, The Examiner and several more. An avid gardener, nutritionist and self-proclaimed plant nerd, he loves receiving e-mails with pictures of plants that need to be identified.


Kirk Lombard

Kirk Lombard, famed sea forager, is partnering with us to teach you about what’s wild and edible in our ocean. Kirk is one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining guys we know. With an encyclopedic knowledge of local sea life, Kirk will lead you on a tour of everything you need to know to get your fish on. See how much people love his classes here.


Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton, known also as “Mycochef,” has been a corporate chef, executive chef, catering chef, guest chef at the Breitenbush mushroom gathering, a guest chef at Telluride Mushroom Festival, guest chef for Alaska mushroom fairs, chef in Mexican mushroom adventures, chef for the Mycological Society of San Francisco, and for years was the executive chef at the Sonoma County Mushroom Association Wild Mushroom Camp.  He has an extensive background in wild mushroom foraging, identification, and preparation.  He writes a monthly column for the “SOMA News” and has been a food and mushroom columnist with several other publications for over 20 years.


Heidi Herrmann

Heidi Herrmann is a farmer and the owner of Strong Arm Farm in Healdsburg.  She teaches Sustainable Agriculture at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Heidi is an avid seaweed harvester, and collects by hand on the Sonoma Coast.